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In this section, you will find daily selections from Director of Broadcast Media, Joe Withee, and Track Announcer, Robert Geller, as well as "Vic's Trip" from local media legend, Victor "The Predictor" Cozzett

Friday, September 12
Robert Geller

Race 1: 4 Lasting Smooch, 5 Ee Da How, 3 Ashley's Lexus
Race 2: 4 Oregon Stater, 3 Magestic Cat, 1 Ain't Tellin'
Race 3: *3 Bar Room Riot, 7 Arrom Bear, 1 Swingshift Deputy
Race 4: 5 Salty Le Mousse, 6 Shoer High, 4 Regal Valid
Race 5: 1 Just a Love, 2 Magic Molly, 6 Mz Dyno
Race 6: 5 Lake Piru, 4 Sometimes a Lady, 6 Tricky Person
LAKE PIRU was not disgraced last time and drops to a
comfortable level. SOMETIMES A LADY blew the start in her latest and her
prior efforts put her in the mix. TRICKY PERSON exits a win and climbs back
up the class ladder.
Race 7: 1 Mr Shane the Pain, 3 Fighting City Hall, 5 Free Bee

Joe Withee

1 4-Lasting Smooch, 5-Ee Da How, 3-Ashley's Lexus
2 4-Oregon Stater, 1-Ain't Tellin', 2-Bullys Pride
3 4-It Behooves Me, 6-Ididn'taskforthis, 2-Betrbegone
4 *1-Popular Pick, 4-Regal Valid, 5-Salty Le Mousee
5 4-Stolen Sagoi, 3-Top Lady, 6-Mz Dyno
6 5-Lake Piru, 4-Sometimes a Lady, 3-Five Alarm Charm
In three of her four wins, LAKE PIRU was unplaced in the previous start. Stalking ability could help in speed-laden heat.
7 1-Mr Shane the Pain, 3-Fighting City Hall, 4-Improviso

*best bet

Saturday, September 13
Robert Geller

Race 1: 3 Royal Shrine, 2 Immigration, 5 Wild Hoss
Race 2: *4 Gilly Gone, 7 Rosenbush Cat, 6 Manny's Red Ty
Race 3: 2 Churchbob, 5 Moony Moony, 3 Sociable Gold
Race 4: 5 Raspberry Road, 4 Chief of Staff, 6 Prime Engine
Race 5: 4 Foolish Miss, 2 Century Union, 3 Knight Club
Race 6: 3 Brats Brat, 6 Nobluffjustgo, 1 American Council
Race 7: 6 White River Pirate, 3 Just Like Uptown, 2 Improviso
WHITE RIVER PIRATE ran too well to lose last time and is on
the way back up the class ladder. JUST LIKE UPTOWN retains solid form for
this race and should take beating again. IMPROVISO showed signs of life
last time and is dangerous at his best.
Race 8: 9 Mary Lois, 10 Wemissstacy, 5 Teacra

Joe Withee

1 2-Immigration, 4-Timely Note, 5-Wild Hoss
2 4-Gilly Gone, 6-Manny's Red Ty, 3-Recon Patrol
3 2-Churchbob, 5-Moony Moony, 4-Mizzo's Gold
4 4-Chief of Staff, 5-Raspberry Road, 3-My Pal Mal
5 1-Lady Aragorn, 4-Foolish Miss, 3-Knight Club
6 6-Nobluffjustgo, 3-Brats Brat, 5-Silly Streak
7 *1-Kamaaina Blue, 4-Ryans Argument, 3-Just Like Uptown
KAMAAINA BLUE's career is moving forwardly. Drops in class from first career route race and saves ground behind pace.
8 1-Oh Glorious Day, 3-Bell Wether, 5-Teacra

*best bet

Sunday, September 14
Robert Geller

Race 1: 5 Cloudy Dasher, 1 Sissis Little Nipper,6 Just a Rumor
Race 2: *2 Fay Belle, 4 Bodacious, 1 Three Olives Later
Race 3: 4 Sweet Union, 1 Another Winter, 2 Sweet Sunrise
Race 4: 4 Salsa Boy, 1 Play Hard to Win, 3 Regazze Cat
Race 5: 6 Tribella, 2 Decatur Princess, 1 Aphiemi
Race 6: 5 Sovereign Bay, 7 Niftys Tee Time, 4 Kilauea
Race 7: 1 Featherlite, 4 Chips Indy Salsa, 5 Hope for Sara
Race 8: 4 Janero, 2 Sharp Focus, 3 Whiskeyonthehouse
Race 9: 7 Songandabullet, 1 Assessment, 4 Jack the Pirate
SONGANDABULLET had a troubled trip last time and can
rebound given his good record at the distance. ASSESSMENT remains
competitive at this level. JACK THE PIRATE is racing well.
Race 10: 2 Grand Destination, 6 Brilliant Thought, 4 Little Zippy

Joe Withee

1 6-Just a Rumor, 3-Sollovino, 1-Sissis Little Nipper
2 4-Bodacious, 3-Snow Bunny, 1-Three Olives Later
3 4-Sweet Union, 2-Sweet Sunrise, 1-Another Winter
4 4-Salsa Boy, 2-Joel N Jill, 1-Play Hard to Win
5 2-Decatur Princess, 6-Tribella, 4-Reigning
6 5-Sovereign Bay, 7-Niftys Tee Time, 4-Kilauea
7 4-Chips Indy Salsa, 2-Hitchslap, 6-Twilight Harbor
8 *4-Janero, 5-Chu and I, 1-Chumaree Red
9 4-Jack the Pirate, 1-Assessment, 5-Somewhere With You
At varying distances, JACK THE PIRATE continues to run big races at EmD. Might be able to nod Assessment on the wire.
10 5-Nitro Road, 2-Grand Destination, 3-Park That Truck

*best bet

Victor "The Predictor" Cozzetti


When we last mentioned Ashley’s Lexus last time she was coming off a rough trip and then
came back to lose all chance at the break in her next start. This isn’t
any Best Bet, but what I call an excellent chance play. She’s bred to run all day and worth a look.


I find Saturday’s card rather challenging. Several races I found myself
thinking "All". The fourth race is similar, however, I really like the work tab on the
youngster Prime Engine. Emerald Downs workouts are solid, however, Pegasus Training Center drills are eye catching and you know I love those "B’s" for breezes.


After careful consideration I’ve gone to the "Baby" race today. Fay Belle
impressed me in her debut racing a little green then showing a strong late
move. Time away tells me possible 2-year-old issues or further schooling, three
nice works. I like her chances today in the second race.

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