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    Washington Cup XI-Quotes

    18th RUNNING, SEPTEMBER 8, 2013
    6F IN 1:09.42

    JOCKEY ISAIAS ENRIQUEZ, NOOSITO, WINNER: “He’s a very good horse. He tries very hard in the mornings. The first time out he won, but the second time out he lost a shoe and had a tough trip. Today, he broke very sharp and was very comfortable. A couple guys put pressure on him early, but he was able to hold them off.”

    18th RUNNING, SEPTEMBER 8, 2013
    6F IN 1:09.34

    JOCKEY JUAN GUTIERREZ, CHU AND YOU, WINNER: “It’s too easy because she does almost everything for you. She made me work less. She’s really too good. I don’t know what else I can say, she does everything right. She’s all professional.”

    11th RUNNING, SEPTEMBER 8, 2013
    ONE MILE IN 1:35.52

    JOCKEY CHANTAL SUTHERLAND-KRUSE, HE’S NOT BLUFFIN, WINNER: “Emerald Downs is a really nice track. The surface is amazing, so is the air quality up here. Everything is really nice here. And the fans are outrageous. They’re just awesome. I was going to go outside, but the two horses in front of me were stopping. Instead, I had to go between horses and my horse went through that hole really nicely and held his own. He’s a really nice horse.”

    11th RUNNING, SEPTEMBER 8, 2013
    ONE MILE IN 1:35.69

    JOCKEY JUAN GUTIERREZ, MADAME PELE, WINNER: “I think it’s the second time that I’ve won with this filly. She went down to California and came back today to the Washington Cup ready to win. She was pulling me on the outside, and I told myself not to choke her, but save her for the last stretch. She did the rest.”

    46th RUNNING, SEPTEMBER 8, 2013
    1-1/16 MILES IN 1:41.43

    JOCKEY ANNE SANGUINETTI, E Z KITTY, WINNER: “It was a carbon copy of the last stake, but she was going even easier. Evelyn’s Dancer was a little quicker to chase and this race I was galloping after it. She’s very professional. The more I’ve ridden her, the more we know each other. I feel like she knows what I want, and I know what she wants. Kitty, she loves a fight. She wants to chase a horse. If she gets out by herself, she’s not as interested anymore because it’s easy. She wants to be in that fight, so I want a horse to follow like that.”

    71st RUNNING, SEPTEMBER 8, 2013
    1-1/16 MILES IN 1:40.99

    JOCKEY DEBBIE HOONAN, STRYKER PHD, WINNER: “The first part of the race the leaders were going around wide. The track was easy on the inside there, and then someone came in there and took my path. Isaias (Enriquez) had me boxed in pretty good there, but it was set up just enough to where I could get through. Stryker Phd is a dream horse for me.”


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