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    Washington Oaks-Quotes

    34th RUNNING, AUGUST 10, 2013
    1 1/8 MILES IN 1:48.65

    JOCKEY ROCCO BOWEN, STOPSHOPPINGDEBBIE, WINNER: “The plan was to break from the gate. (Javier) Matias was going for the lead, so I decided to sit off it. I knew she would fine coming from behind. She’s such a nice horse that you can place her anywhere. I used her up a little bit in the turn just to get her engaged with the leaders. I didn’t want those horses to get their confidence built up while they were on the lead. People thought that because she only won by a nose last time that she’d get beat, but we proved them wrong today. Hands down, I think she can win from anywhere in the race. I feel very strongly that she could compete against the top fillies around the country. She hasn’t bellied down in any of her races. Against the best horses, you’ve really got to belly down, but I think she’s got the talent to do it. Today, I probably only reached her second gear and then in the lane just put it back in neutral. I think she could have won my even more lengths if she wanted to.”

    JOCKEY JAVIER MATIAS, BLUEBERRY SMOOTHIE, SECOND: “Tom (Wenzel) told me today if (Goin to the Window) breaks sharp, just stay behind her. My horse broke sharp, and I didn’t want to have to take her back because last time I chose to take her back, she was mad and started lugging out in the turn. She ran really well. It was just that a nice filly beat me. I was waiting to ask her around the turn and she was lugging out a little bit. If you see the fractions, she went a little fast for the distance.”

    TRAINER TOM WENZEL, STOPSHOPPINGDEBBIE, WINNER; GOIN TO THE WINDOW, SECOND; BLUEBERRY SMOOTHIE, THIRD: “The actual plan was to let Goin to the Window dictate the pace today. We actually wanted to take Stopshoppingdebbie off the pace, maybe lay second today and see if she can handle it just for a future reference. It turns out that Goin to the Window had trouble loading in the gate again, so she breaks flatfooted. Goin to the Window breaks slow and Blueberry Smoothie broke sharp, so that’s how things got set up. Goin to the Window is kind of a tough horse. She wants to pull. It’s kind of tough on her with the loading in the gate and using her energy to get up in there. She kind of faded a little bit, but she and Blueberry Smoothie still ran great. At the top of the lane, Goin to the Window and Blueberry Smoothie were going pretty solid, but once Stopshoppingdebbie rolled up on them, she once again proved that she’s the racehorse. This is the best one of the three. Maybe Goin to the Window will prove to be better sprinting. I’m not sure. Early on in their careers, we thought that Goin to the Window and Stopshoppingdebbie were the best of the three. We didn’t think that Blueberry Smoothie was that far behind them. Stopshoppingdebbie’s got the package. She’s got the mind and probably the most talent.”

    NOTES: Stopshoppingdebbie (5-5-0-0-$128,773) is the first horse to sweep the sophomore filly series at Emerald Downs…Northwest Farms earned $194,654 of the $215,000 purse money in the 3-year-old filly stakes division this season…Northwest Farms (Jerre Paxton) ranks No. 1 all-time with 33 stakes wins at Emerald Downs…Horses owned or co-owned by Northwest Farms have won six stakes this season at EmD: Stopshoppingdebbie (Irish Day, Seattle, Kent, Washington Oaks), Finallygotabentley (Auburn), Exclusive Diva (Washington State Legislators)…Trainer Tom Wenzel ranks No. 1 with six stakes wins this season and No. 7 all-time with 27 stakes wins at EmD…Jockey Rocco Bowen ranks No. 1 with five stakes wins this season and has eight stakes wins all-time at EmD. 


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