September 2012
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9/22/2012 - Barbara Shinpoch Stakes-Quotes

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    Washington Cup X Nominations


    $215,000 WASHINGTON CUP X

                 AUBURN, WA (September 2, 2012) – Fifty-seven Washington-bred runners—an average of 9.5 horses per race—have been nominated to Washington Cup X, to be run Sunday, September 9 at Emerald Downs.

                A series of six races for Washington-breds worth $215,000 in purse money, Washington Cup X is a showcase for the state’s breeding industry and features the $40,000 Muckleshoot Tribal Classic for 3-year-olds and up and the $35,000 Belle Roberts for older fillies and mares.

                The 57 nominations are up two from 2011 and include 12 returnees from last year and six former Washington Cup winners.

                The amazing 10-year-old Wasserman is expected to make his eighth Wa Cup appearance and his seventh straight start in the Muckleshoot Tribal Classic. Owned, bred and trained by Howard Belvoir, Wasserman has two wins, two seconds and two thirds in the Classic while earning nearly $125,000 of his track record $555,253.

                In fact, none of the other horses nominated to the Classic—Couldabenthewhisky, Jebrica, Kooky Saluki, Ontheshadyside and Our Eagle Boy—had even been born when Wasserman appeared in his first Wa Cup, a runner-up effort in the 2005 Chinook Pass Stakes. Since then Wasserman has run in the Classic every year, finishing, in order, second, third, first, first, second and third.

                Belvoir and Jim Penney, tied for first all-time in Washington Cup wins with five each, lead the way in 2012 nominations. Belvoir has five nominations while Penney has seven including former Wa Cup winners Sis’s Sis and Sweet Nellie Brown in the Belle Roberts.    

                Other former winners nominated are Our Eagle Boy, winner of the 2011 Chinook Pass; Have’n a Wild Time, 2009 Diane Kem Stakes, and Brady’s Kat, winner of the 2011 Dennis Dodge.

                The $35,000 Diane Kem Stakes for 2-year-old fillies drew a whopping 16 nominations including Valid Vixen Queen, gate-to-wire winner of the Son of Briartic Stakes, while the Dennis Dodge Stakes for 2-year-old colts and geldings features undefeated double stakes winner Mike Man’s Gold.

                Makors Finale, gate-to-wire winner of the Emerald Downs Derby and a triple stakes winner at the meet, heads the nominations to the $35,000 Chinook Pass Stakes for 3-year-olds. And 2011 stakes winners Talk to My Lawyer and Sweet Saga top the list for the $35,000 John & Kitty Fletcher Stakes for 3-year-old fillies.

    Entries for all six Washington Cup races will be drawn 11:30 am, Wednesday at the Quarter Chute Café.

    Nominations $40,000 Muckleshoot Tribal Classic (3 & UP WA) 1-1/16 Mile

                                                       Owner                                                  Trainer

    Couldabenthewhisky (4-WA)       Friendship/McD/Fredrickson     Bonnie Jenne

    Jebrica (4-WA)                                    R & R Warren LLC                   Jim Penney

    Kooky Saluki (4-WA)                       MOH Stable Inc                            Jim Penney

    Ontheshadyside (4-WA)                 Shady Valley Ranch                  Doris Harwood

    Our Eagle Boy (4-WA)                     Triple L Stables                        Chris Stenslie    

    Wasserman (10-WA)                        Howard Belvoir                        Howard Belvoir


    Nominations $35,000 Belle Roberts (3 & UP F&M WA) 1-1/16 Mile

    Horse                                                    Owner                                                  Trainer

    Bobbylouie (3-WA)                           Savario Farm                            Diane Garrison

    Catherine Z’s Hope (5-WA)           Darrin Paul                                   Frank Lucarelli

    Cielator (4-WA)                                  Ron Crockett Inc                       Junior Coffey

    Have’n a Wild Time (5-WA)          J. Nakahara & M. Pilot              Bonifacio Rayas

    Private Fortune (5-WA)                   Blue Ribbon Racing #2              Jim Penney

    Seventyprcentcocoa (4-WA)           John & Janene Maryanski          Blaine Wright

    Sis’s Sis (5-WA)                                 Michael & Amy Feuerborn          Jim Penney

    Sweet Nellie Brown (5-WA)           James & Zola Proffitt                    Jim Penney



    Nominations $35,000 Chinook Pass Stakes (3YO C&G WA) 1 Mile

                                                      Owner                                          Trainer

    Bear Creek Road (3-WA) Remmah Racing Inc.                        Frank Lucarelli

    Brady’s Kat (3-WA)                          Gordon Jarnig                      Tim McCanna

    Faster Than Duke (3-WA)               Brotherton Racing Group I       Larry Ross

    Gold Surge (3-WA)                      Grasshopper Racing Stable Inc.   Jim Penney

    Laachem (3-WA)                            Martin Pimentel                    Martin Pimentel

    Makors Finale (3-WA)                     Karl Krieg                               Tom Wenzel

    Popular Pick (3-WA)                        W. Quinn Chin                       Robert Meeking

    Stryker Phd (3-WA)                          Jim & Mona Hour                  Margo Lloyd

    Tough Road Ahead (3-WA)           Helen L. Mahre                       Charles Essex

    Nominations $35,000 John & Kitty Fletcher Stakes (3YOF WA) 1 Mile

                                                      Owner                                                  Trainer

    Bartab (3-WA)                                    Howard Belvoir                      Howard Belvoir

    Bobbylouie (3-WA)                           Savario Farm                            Diane Garrison

    Call Me Cinderella (3-WA)             Rick Beal & K & W Stable             Larry Ross

    Jewel S. (3-WA)                                  Darrin Paul                                 Frank Lucarelli

    Just Have’n Fun (3-WA)                  Pegasus Too                              Howard Belvoir

    River of Aces (3-WA)                        Dean & Judy Anne Essex        Charles Essex

    Royal Moses (3-WA)                        Squatting Dog S & RG Warwick    Tim Harder

    Sweet Saga (3-WA)                           Riverbend Stable                          Larry Ross

    Talk to My Lawyer (3-WA)             Will This One Do Stable               Chris Stenslie

    Whiskey Miner (3-WA)                   Jack Porter                                        Neil Knapp

    Wild Chica (3-WA)                   Warlock Stables                   Tim McCanna                   


    Nominations $35,000 Dennis Dodge Stakes (2YO C&G WA) 6 Furlongs:

    Horse                                                    Owner                                                  Trainer

    Cariboo Road (2-WA)                 Glyn Kelly & Anne MacLennan        Dan Markle

    Ethan’s Way (2-WA)                   Howard Belvoir                                 Howard Belvoir

    Master’s Bluff (2-WA)                 Debra Larson & S Reichert             David Bennett

    Mike Man’s Gold (2-WA)          Swag Stables                                   David Martinez

    Music of My Soul (2-WA)          Elttaes Stable                                  Doris Harwood

    Private Password (2-WA)          HorseHaven, Baldoz & Lumley    Rosie Simkins

    Rhinghals (2-WA)                        Todd & Shawn Hansen              Howard Belvoir


    Nominations $35,000 Diane Kem Stakes (2YOF WA) 6 Furlongs

                                                   Owner                                                  Trainer

    Blast’sdoubledeuce (2-WA)     Swag Stables                                   David Martinez

    Cavealina Colors (2-WA)       D. Lavanway & J & J Sanchez   Dayson Lavanway

    Dakota Demon (2-WA)               WillWin Stable                          Debbie Van Horne

    Exclusive Queen (2-WA) David Ratko & Jamie Johnson             Gregory Moore

    Go Jackie Go (2-WA)                   Gary Hughes                                 Tim McCanna

    Kissing Ruby (2-WA)                  Michael Pollowitz & Jeff Wilson  Doris Harwood

    Madame Pele (2-WA)                  Kama’aina Thoroughbreds        Jim Penney

    My Cadi (2-WA)                           Ken Jochimsen                          John A. Holmes

    My Halo Is Rusty (2-WA)          Shady Valley Ranch                    Doris Harwood

    Roveing Patrol (2-WA)                Mr. & Mrs. Don L. Munger          Don Munger

    Say Say (2-WA)                           Vann Belvoir                                David Martinez

    Shannon Marie (2-WA)               Frank L. Gaunt                            Dennis Snowden

    Stylish Margin (2-WA)               Stylish Margin Syndicate                  David Bennett

    Supersymmetry (2-WA)              Oak Crest Farm LLC                   David Martinez

    Ugotthemoneyhoney (2-WA)      Frank Lucarelli                              Frank Lucarelli

    Valid Vixen Queen (2-WA)        Vixen Queen Sandy Corp.           Neil Knapp        




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