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In this section, you will find daily selections from Director of Broadcast Media, Joe Withee, and Track Announcer, Robert Geller, as well as "Vic's Trip" from local media legend, Victor "The Predictor" Cozzett

Friday, September 19

Robert Geller

Race 1: 1 Dakota Firefly, 4 Timber Titan, 2 Two Socks
Race 2: 3 Polly Ester Pompom, 1 Agirlsgottalive, 4 Crush on You
Race 3: 5 Tactical Strike, 4 Hearts Harbor, 1 Touch of Danzig
Race 4: 6 Wedge of Gold, 5 Jewel S., 1 Grand Baylee
Race 5: *4 Bleu Tarp, 3 Brock Says, 2 Mr. Top Kat
Race 6: 7 Parkers Bluff, 3 Star of the Dia, 5 Financial Officer
PARKERS BLUFF is ever consistent as is the barn. STAR OF
THE DIA shortens up and is in form. FINANCIAL OFFICER is a threat when
switched off early.
Race 7: 3 Whiskey Prince, 1 Heza Witch Doctor, 7 Colton's First

Joe Withee

1 2-Two Socks, 4-Timber Titan, 1-Dakota Firefly
2 1-Agirlsgottalive, 6-One Smart Girl, 4-Crush On You
3 1-Touch of Danzig, 6-Ancient Mystery, 4-Hearts Harbor
4 6-Wedge of Gold, 5-Jewel S., 3-Stolen Forum
5 6-War Wizard, 4-Bleu Tarp, 1-Marvin's Magic
6 *7-Parkers Bluff, 3-Star of the Dia, 2-Memphis Mobster
Only one win at the meet but PARKERS BLUFF has run many big races at different distances. He's drawn well and will be prominent throughout in a competitive field.
7 7-Colton's First, 3-Whiskey Prince, 1-Heza Witch Doctor

*best bet

Saturday, September 20
Robert Geller

Race 1: 6 Lebron 6, 5 Divil, 2 Jess Imagine Me
Race 2: 1 Musical Delight, 2 Magna Sweetheart, 6 What About Natalie
Race 3: 2 Sovereign Bay, 3 Won Won Oh Five, 4 Doctor Pav
Race 4: 1 Chrissy's Wedding, 4 Lizzy Lass, 3 Lumen Took It
Race 5: *4 Southern Solution, 3 Ontheshadyside, 5 Givajunior Mint
Race 6: 6 The Tom Squad, 1 Square Jimmer, 3 He's Zuberrific
Race 7: 5 Calculated Chaos, 1 Dare Me Devil, 6 I Keep Saying
Race 8: 1 I Absolutely Will, 5 Quiet Wisdom, 6 Copper City
I ABSOLUTELY WILL should relish the extra half a furlong.
QUIET WISDOM has had a few barn changes but can produce a strong close.
COPPER CITY offers less value than when liked her last time.
Race 9: 4 Platinum Kisses, 5 Papa's Grandkids, 3 Rockport Birdie

Joe Withee

1 4-Seperatefromdarest, 6-Lebron 6, 1-Diva B Gone
2 1-Musical Delight, 2-Magna Sweetheart, 5-Game Kick
3 6-Direct Cost, 3-Won Won Oh Five, 4-Doctor Pav
4 1-Chrissy's Wedding, 2-Lady Aragorn, 4-Lizzy Lass
5 3-Ontheshadyside, 4-Southern Solution, 5-Givajunior Mint
6 *8-Sthenios, 4-Stormin Parker, 1-Square Jimmer
7 1-Dare Me Devil, 6-I Keep Saying, 5-Calculated Chaos
He's back at his best distance of 6 1/2 furlongs, though DARE ME DEVIL also ran big in the 1 1/16 Muckleshoot Tribal Classic.
8 4-Jude Rocks, 6-Copper City, 5-Quiet Wisdom
9 4-Platinum Kisses, 2-I'm Katniss, 5-Papa's Grandkids

*best bet

Sunday, September 21
Robert Geller

Race 1: 3 Excessively Private, 6 Judy Kay, 5 Exclusive Gold
Race 2: 5 Polly Ester Pompom, 3 Ifsowhynot, 1 Suddenly Adele
Race 3: 2 Lasting Rose, 5 Kenzie Carolina, 3 Whiskey Miner
Race 4: 4 Noclaimwilldo, 2 Can'tgetenough, 1 Big Bad Brown
Race 5: 3 Stoney River, 2 Uptownfreddybrown, 4 Master Game
Race 6: *5 Miners Night, 2 Sociable Gold, 6 Showstoppin' Lo
Race 7: 2 Anitewithyou, 6 Have'n a Wild Time, 4 Hey Lil Missy
Race 8: 1 Goin to the Window, 2 Blueberry Smoothie, 4 Tabled With Gold
GOIN TO THE WINDOW gave Stopshoppingdebbie a run for her
money last time and looks the best. BLUEBERRY SMOOTHIE poses the logical
threat. TABLED WITH GOLD is on the rise.
Race 9: 2 Chaching Pete, 3 Ryan's Argument, 1 Hip Hop City

Joe Withee

1 5-Exclusive Gold, 3-Excessivelyprivate, 6-Judy Kay
2 5-Polly Ester Pompom, 4-Silly Streak, 3-Ifsowhynot
3 2-Lasting Rose, 5-Kenzie Carolina, 3-Whiskey Miner
4 4-No Claim Will Do, 2-Can't Get Enough, 1-Big Bad Brown
5 *1-Add Some Alcohol, 3-Stoney River, 4-Master Game
6 6-Showstoppin' Lo, 2-Sociable Gold, 1-Victors Legend
7 4-Hey Lil Missy, 7-Agoodlawyer Willdo, 2-Anitewithyou
8 1-Goin to the Window, 2-Blueberry Smoothie, 4-Tabled With Gold
Who is GOIN TO THE WINDOW? The underling to Stopshoppingdebbie, yes, but a pretty talented four year old filly that gets a chance to run without her undefeated stablemate present.
9 6-Power Fleet, 1-Hip Hop City, 3-Ryans Argument
*best bet

Victor "The Predictor" Cozzetti


Best Bets are tough enough during the season however at this time of the
year for older horses it's a much tougher chore. However, with War Wizard in
Friday's fifth race we not only get a hot horse but a sizzling trainer in
Rigoberto "Jessie" Velasquez. Excellent draw with main rival drawing the fence.




I've been waiting for Carl Command to runback to his July 25th effort. In
new barn, I may get what I've been waiting for in Race 4. The price figures to be right, as well. 

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