Handicappers Corner Picks & Vic's Trip


In this section, you will find daily selections from Director of Broadcast Media, Joe Withee, and Media Relations/TV Host Jacob Pollowitz, as well as "Vic's Trip" from local media legend, Victor "The Predictor" Cozzetti


1: 1 Personal Image, 3 Shehawk, 7 Stuck River
2: 4 First Flower, 3 Misty Warrior, 5 Red Mystic
3: 7 Jenny Bear, 2 Don't Tell Abbey, 5 Mary Lois
4: 4 Buddy Dave, 2 It's Our Pleasure, 8 Arraignment
5: 1 Surfliner, 2 Toccet's Charm, 5 Neverabettercause
6: *4 Caliente Gold, 6 Ritzy Tags, 1 Cup of Soup
CALIENTE GOLD has the talent to be a stakes runner and is bred to love two turns.
7: 9 Thisdewarsforyou, 5 Grindster, 10 Musical Choice

*best bet


1 7-Stuck River, 1-Personal Image, 6-Haveyouseenmypappy
2 3-Misty Warrior, 2-One Smart Girl, 5-Red Mystic
3 2-Don’t Tell Abbey, 3-Image in the Moon, 5-Mary Lois
4 *6-Skip My Turn, 8-Arraignment, 2-It’s Our Pleasure
5 5-Neverabettercause, 7-Rio Hondo, 2-Toccet’s Charm
6 4-Caliente Gold, 2-Bella Colomba, 8-Suite One
It’s the first two-turn race for many in here including CALIENTE GOLD.  This maiden has talent.
7 9-Thisdewarsforyou, 5-Grindster, 1-G Starz
*best bet



1 *5-Distinguished Miss, 1-Live Like Mike, 2-Hawaiian Style
2 2-Freaky Kiki, 5-Chugabug, 7-Our Clementine
3 6-Bolshoi’s Bluff, 1-Dudley Studley, 5-Thats No Bull
4 7-Hedgewood Gold, 2-Kaabraaj, 3-Weyand
5 7-Hoody, 1-Relatively Fast, 6-Fullshot
6 1-Songandabullet, 7- Kiss Sin Goodbye, 8-Rocky’s Quest
7 1-Gross Misconduct, 2-Calculated Chaos, 8-Spot of Salt 
8 4-Camille, 1-Sabrina, 3-Lady of the Nile
9 7-Its Allabout Jerry, 3-Awesome Indian,n 9-Senna
ITS ALLABOUT JERRY is a much better runner around two turns and just keeps getting better.
10  4-Recon Patrol, 7-Geoduck Bob, 2-Land Rocket
*best bet


1 2-Hawaiian Style, 5-Distinguished Miss, 1-Live Like Mike
2 8-Web of Demons, 5-Chugabug, 6-Mara’s Warlock
3 4-Hot Bobby, 2-Private Boss, 6-Bolshoi’s Bluff
4 7-Hedgewood Gold, 2-Kaabraaj, 4-Dave’s Birthday Boy
5 *1-Relatively Fast, 7-Hoody, 6-Fullshot
6 1-Songandabullet, 8-Rocky’s Quest, 2-Taelyns Prince
7 3-Pete’s Slew, 2-Calculated Chaos, 1-Gross Misconduct
8 3-Lady of the Nile, 1-Sabrina, 4-Camille
9 8-Hoodslide, 2-Courage of Faith, 3-Awesome Indian
HOODSLIDE’s first route race was good enough to make him a strong contender in a race of this quality.
10 2-Land Rocket, 4-Recon Patrol, 5-Some Storm Cat
*best bet



1: 9 Divil, 6 Who Told, 1 Hope for Rocket
2: 7 Just a Rumor, 6 Diva B Gone, 3 Jacango
3: 7 Badrock Canyon, 1 Youseehereyousee, 3 Crank It Up
4: 1 Cross Creek, 5 Wanda'slastchance, 4 Timberfaller
5: 7 Duchess Debbie, 6 Cinnamon Mocha, 5 Cu at Sunup
6: 7 Whiskey Prince, 6 Surprise Sale, 1 Northern Force
7: 7 Dance With Effie, 6 Rahys Ransom, 5 Nearlycocktailtime
8: 3 Disruption, 4 Remembertobreathe, 1 Until You
9: *5 Kiss My Lulu, 1 Princess Kennedy, 3 Jerre to Carrie
KISS MY LULU cruised in her career debut, running the fastest race of any in this field while wrapped up the final sixteenth.
10: 4 Madame Pele, 1 Alli Leigh, 5 Guinevere's Finale
11: 2 Alexa Alexa, 6 Sequestered, 5 Raesbeautiful Hope

*best bet


1 9-Divil, 6-Who Told, 10-Lady of Reason Sa
2 3-Jacango, 7-Just a Rumor, 10-Dynasty Now
3 1-Youseehereyousee, 7-Badrock Canyon, 6-Uncork It
4 5-Wanda’slastchance, 7-Huya, 1-Cross Creek
5 7-Duchess Debbie, 6-Cinnamon Mocha, 4-Benatar
6 7-Whiskey Prince, 6-Surprise Sale, 1-Northern Force
7 *7-Dance With Effie, 4-Jazz Queen, 3-Dance Affair
8 2-Botch, 1-Until You, 3-Disruption
9 5-Kiss My Lulu, 2-My Heart Goes On, 1-Princess Kennedy
Three impressive maiden-breakers in here, KISS MY LULU gets the nod.  She draws outside of other speed and was eased up early in 6-length win four weeks ago.
10 5-Guinevere’s Finale, 2-Our Little Hen, 1-Alli Leigh
11 2-Alexa Alexa, 5-Raesbeautiful Hope, 6-Sequestered
*best bet

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RITZY TAGS blew my mind with the move she made on the stretch turn sprinting in last. She was away poorly and lacking racing room on the far turn. I’d given up on her then the explosive move. She beat older in last while today she faces straight 3-year-olds under favorable allowance conditions. She routed once at SA showed little, based on her pedigree going two turns in her wheel house top and bottom.  Price should be right several others will take play.

Race office has come up with an outstanding betting card on Saturday; singles are hard to come by. The feature came up salty but that's where I'm going. Awesome Indian is in good hands and other then the stakes try, he's been very consistent. Routing today he faces an easier task, mom's side very strong going two turns. Catch him!


Love the 2-year-olds; fillies are my favorites. Sunday’s ANGIE C STAKES shapes up as a three-horse race based on my figures. KISS MY LULU is a tick or two faster than PRINCESS KENNEDY and JERRE TO CARRIE, RUNNING TIME 110 2/5……..

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