Bury the Hatchet
Washington-bred mare (b. 2004)
By He’s Tops-Snuggle Time
Career (2006-2010): 41-6-3-6, $35,243

Thoroughbreds normally aren’t the best candidates for barrel racers. They have the speed but lack the sharp turning abilities due to their height and longer backs.

Bury the Hatchet, however, is proving the exception for Chanel Olson at Lost Creek Ranch in Kalispell, Mont. The 21-year-old trainer said the 9-year-old mare is making great strides—literally and figuratively—as a barrel racer, and doubles as an exceptional pleasure horse on which aspiring riders take lessons.

“She’s a good 16.1 hands,” Olson said of Bury the Hatchet, whose nickname “Princess” was acquired during her racing days at Emerald Downs with trainer Greg Moore. “Everyone comments on how well she does (at barrel racing). She covers a lot of ground with those big strides.”

Those big strides helped Bury the Hatchet win six races from 2006-2010, and help explain why five of her victories were in races one mile or longer. The final victory was a 2 ¼-length romp at Emerald Downs on Sept. 5, 2009.

Moore acquired Bury the Hatchet via claim for an ownership group including his wife Ellen, brotherJames Moore, and sister, Anne Wisdom. He said the gray mare had a sweep disposition and quickly became a favorite at the barn.

"Whether she ran good or not, she became part of the family,” Moore said. “She was the first horse to greet you every morning. After training, she'd remind you it was time for lunch. I've heard that everybody who's been around her has loved her."

“We knew she'd have a career after racing.  We knew we weren't going to run her anymore but still kept her in the barn pretty much the whole season, instead of turning her out at a farm.  She was much happier in the track environment, around people.”

Olson, meanwhile, had practically grown up watching races at Emerald Downs and was familiar with many of the runners, including Bury the Hatchet. So naturally she was elated when her father acquired the horse from Moore for their new ranch in Montana. (Lost Creek Ranch is a boarding and training facility with some 30 horses, but only a handful of Thoroughbreds including Noble Juan, an allowance-winning sprinter also trained by Moore at Emerald Downs.)

According to Olson, Bury the Hatchet is special. “She is wonderful with kids, and a fabulous lessons horse,” she said. “Princess is a perfect nickname, she wants to be treated like one. She loves all of it…barrel racing, lessons, everything, she just loves to run.”

Wisdom isn’t surprised to see Bury the Hatchet doing so well in Montana.

“She always loved kids and they had a great time loving her,” Wisdom said. “She's the one Chanel uses to teach kids how to ride, she's perfect for that.”

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